The importance of speech in a hearing test

Often times, the hearing test has nothing to do with other areas of the body aside from the ears. It makes sense. However, many times, audiologist, who is an expert in this field, will also perform speech screening. So can provide excellent amount of help in determining whether you are some kind of loss of the ability to hear. Because speech is very much part of the ability to speak normally, this type of test is also necessary for children, who may or may not be to develop proper speech patterns due to some loss or limitation of the ability to hear.

What happens?

If the hearing test Give decides that it is necessary to determine whether there are any complications speaking, it can make a bit of hearing testing process. This test will involve both listening and speaking. It is listed in the audiogram as a device to record information for later use. Some children may be important to just talk to him to better understand the development concerns. Children who do not speak at all may have significant problems. In other cases, these issues can evolve over time rather than being present from birth.

The Reception Threshold Testing

One of the steps in the process is to conduct reception threshold, or SRT screening. This is often used in adults and older children may show a loss for the first time. It will help to confirm the results of other types of tests including pure tone screening that most doctors do this test. In SRT, the goal is to determine what is the faintest amount of speech that the patient can hear. To pass the test, the individual must show he or she can hear the sound at least half of the time (for each level of sound tested.)

During the process, the doctor out what steps a person needs to take to show he or she is able to hear sound. Generally, the process requires the individual to listen or audiologist say something. Then the person to repeat words back at a level that is comfortable loudness. This can provide good information to the doctor.

There are many factors to hearing tests. Since the ability to speak often relies on your ability to hear, both are very important to screen when there is concern some form or level of loss. This can answer many of the questions you have and help doctors point in the right direction for treatment.

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